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Jack and Jill Black History Month

After a 2 hour dance class with Jack and Jill of America Far North Dallas Chapter!

Happy Motivation Monday!

Today's motivation brought to you by the cuties you see above.

When I was asked to come up with ideas for the Jack and Jill group of FND, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to make sure the kids knew about the dancers who came before us, the dancers who made it so that we can enjoy and partake in the dances we have today.

I came up with about 7 different genres of dance that have been heavily influenced by Africans or African-Americans or styles that are now open to having Black dancers because of the people who came before us. The hosting parent, Rebecca, chose West African, Hustle, and Hip-Hop dances as our focus. I gave her some topics to start with, but she did the rest! It was perfect. She covered just enough to teach the kids something new but not bore them. I was especially proud when she started to name some influential Black dancers and the kids knew who she was talking about. Kids, they pay attention to so much more than we realize...

Here is a video showing some of the dancing we did:

Aren't they amazing?! The kids soaked up all the information given to them and gave 150% when it was time to dance. No questions, no complaints, no fear. Just pure unadulterated fun. It was the perfect reminder of why I love dance and an incredible motivator to keep on trucking!

Check back next #MotivationMonday to learn about the final dancer of #BlackHistoryMonth and my hero, Ms. Katherine Dunham!

Katherine Dunham #BlackGirlMagic


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